Our Services

  • Masonry and Stone Services in Charlottesville and Central Virginia

    Moore Masonry has a variety of residential masonry and stone services including patio repairs, chimney and fireplace repair and restoration, chimney cap repair and brick and stone repair. We also offer on-site home consultations. Our detailed list of services below links to portfolios of our finished masonry and stone work:

  • Residential Patio and Sidewalk Repair
    Brick and Bluestone sidewalks enhance property appearance. Your patio can be more welcoming for entertaining using Brick, Bluestone and variety of other materials. Moore Masonry installs patios in a variety of materials, in either sand or mortar styles. We can then power wash and seal these materials to provide the longest life possible. Additionally, we will accommodate your patio and sidewalk project needs and costs.
    See Residential Patio and Sidewalk Repair Portfolio
  • Residential Brick & Stone Repair for Walls and Steps
    Masonry is quite sturdy if you receive quality workmanship, and it can last for decades. Our team of brick and stone crafters have more than 100 years of combined experience. So, whether the wall is for retaining or decoration, our trustworthy and licensed team will build your brick and stone walls or steps to last for years to come.
    See Residential Brick & Stone Repair for Walls and Steps Portfolio
  • Residential Chimney Repairs, Chimney Caps and Fireplace Repair
    If your chimney needs to be capped, restored or repaired, we have the experienced team to do it. At the start of the project, we inspect your brick or stone chimney and repair any deteriorated mortar joints (re-pointing). Then, we install flue top dampers, metal chimney caps and perform concrete chimney cap/top replacement. And at the end of your project, your chimney or fireplace will be attractive and functional once again.
    See Residential Chimney Repairs, Chimney Caps and Fireplace Repair Portfolio
  • Residential Stone Wall Repair
    If your stone walls or stone veneer need repairs, we have several budget-friendly options available. We do residential stone wall repair for interiors, exteriors and landscapes.
    See Residential Stone Wall Repair Portfolio
  • Residential Renovations, Repairs & Preservation

    Renovations:  When changes are needed to your home’s existing masonry, our masonry experts can renovate, repair or preserve that existing stone wall by cutting in a new opening or filling one in.
    Proper repointing is one of the most useful ways to preserve your residential stone work when mortar joints have cracked, weathered, and/or deteriorated over time.
    Cleaning: We clean masonry walls and patios with safe, material appropriate chemicals and power washing equipment.
    Sealing: Sealing prevents the passage of water through masonry as well as extends the life of some masonry products.
    Chimneys Caps: To repair or preserve your chimney, we can install flue top dampers and metal chimney caps, mortar replacement, replace mortar joints (re-pointing), and perform concrete chimney cap/top replacement. We can make your residential chimney like new or even better.

    See Residential Renovations, Repairs and Preservation Portfolio

  • Experienced Residential Masonry Contractors
    Since 1979, we have built strong relationships with respected local masonry contractors in Central Virginia. Masonry is the best and most durable material used to make your home last for years and increase the resale value of your home. We will work with your builder to create the look you want.
    See Experienced Residential Masonry Contractors Portfolio

  • Consulting
    Our team of professional, licensed masonry craftsmen bring experience, knowledge and innovation to each project. If you aren’t sure of what patio, masonry or stone work you need, give us a call for your no-cost consultation. We will visit your home and provide a thorough and complete estimate for your masonry and stone work projects.