Our Services

  • Sidewalks & Patios
    Brick and Bluestone sidewalks are a great way to enhance property appearance. And nothing is more welcoming for entertaining than a patio made with Brick or Bluestone. Moore Masonry can install these in a variety of materials, including sand or mortar. We also power wash and seal these materials to provide the longest life possible. Whatever you're looking for in a sidewalk or patio, we're always flexible to accommodate your project needs and costs.
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  • Brick & Stone Walls, Steps
    Masonry is a very sturdy way to construct. The quality of the workmanship is critical for long lasting brick or stone walls and steps. We have been building brick and stone walls and steps for over 30 years and pride ourselves in our workmanship. Whether the wall is for retaining or decorative purposes, our expertise and commitment to quality ensures your brick and stone walls or steps last for years to come.
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  • Chimney & Fireplaces
    Repairing an existing brick or stone chimney, building a new one, or just looking to improve its appearance? We have the expertise to do the job right. We inspect your brick or stone chimney and repair any deteriorated mortar joints (re-pointing). We install flue top dampers, metal chimney caps and perform concrete chimney cap/top replacement. We make your chimney or fireplace a centerpiece that is both attractive and functional.
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  • Stone Work
    Stone walls or stone veneer - we give you options that work within your budget. We do any kind of stone work for interiors, exteriors and landscapes. Whether you want it made out of stone, or just want to have that natural stone look, we can build it for you.
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  • Renovations, Repairs & Preservation

    Renovations: Sometimes it's necessary to make changes to your existing masonry and when that time comes we're here to help.  Whether it's extending an existing wall, cutting in a new opening or filling one in, we have the team to get it done.
    Proper repointing is one of the most useful ways preserve stone work when mortar joints have cracked, weathered, and/or deteriorated over time.
    Cleaning: We clean masonry with the proper chemicals and power washing equipment. Because we know how to.
    Sealing: Used to prevent the passage of water through masonry as well as extend the life of some masonry products. The proper conditions and the proper sealer are important. So, trust an expert.
    Chimneys: To repair or preserve your chimney, we can install flue top dampers and metal chimney caps, replace mortar joints (re-pointing), and perform concrete chimney cap/top replacement. We aren't just blowing smoke when we say we make your chimney as good as new, or even better.

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  • Residential
    With more than 30 years experience in Central Virginia, we have long established relationships with local contractors. There's no better material than masonry to make you dream home stand out…and stand the test of time for resale value. We work with your builder to dress up their craftsmanship the way you want it to look.
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  • Commercial
    In the land of Jefferson and Madison, brick and stone building is part of our heritage. For over 30 years, we've worked with local commercial builders to give office buildings, residential units and shopping centers a look the founding fathers would approve.
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  • Consulting
    Our team of professional masonry craftsman are prized for their extensive experience, knowledge and innovation. Not sure what you need? We're happy to consult with you to ensure your project turns out exactly like you imagined. Or maybe even something that you didn't imagine, but we imagined for you.